The Ascol specialized in the international market, providing advice on Import, Export and Customs Clearance.

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Our company acts as a bridge between supplier and customer, facilitating the trading, logistics and marketing. All calculations of costs of imports are made in advance and the products delivered Pier to Pier in the desired location by the customer, the exchange contracts are negotiated in the suppliers currency and all procedures related to imports.

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Just as active in the import Ascol is prepared to export all kind of product or service, helping costumers to put Brazil on the international market, with agents that have spread throughout the world, particularly in China, where today is our biggest buyers. With activities in the Commodities Market the company is able to adapt your business to international business.

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Customs Clearance

Professionals with expertise in foreign trade, our customs are ready to act anywhere in the country, particularly in the Port of ParanaguŠ ParanŠ (PGUA) and the Terminal of Containers of ParanaguŠ (TCP) and the Dry Port of Araucaria Parana (Customs) .

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With partnerships with several national and international companies Ascol has a wide range of multimodal transport, truck, train, ship, plane,cargo and Express (Courier).

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